Zimbabwe, part 2


I’ve never been a bigger fan of Facebook than after reading this article about an anonymous Zimbabwean (aka Baba Jukwa, or “father of Jukwa”) tormenting Mugabe and the ruling party via social media.

Baba Jukwa claims to be a “a genuine insider’s account of the factional battles and corruption with President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF.”  He has posted numerous stories on the evil doings of party members, including tales of “rape, murder and corruption.” One of the best parts of the story is that he often gives out the said evildoer’s mobile phone number and urges concerned citizens to call them with their questions and complaints.

Some have questioned whether Baba Jukwa’s stories are credible, but the government (and its mouthpiece newspapers) certainly seems to be rattled.  For instance,

The Herald newspaper labeled Baba Jukwa’s posts as a “destructive, malicious… an imperialist takeover… working to destroy the revolutionary party from within by engaging in malicious and unholy alliances with the MDC-T party”.

In addition, Mugabe’s party, Zanu-PF, is “offering large rewards for the true identity of Baba Jukwa.”

So far more than 93,000 people have officially “liked” the FB page, which is a lot given the population of Zimbabwe is only 12 million, but “it is widely believed that many more follow him anonymously.”

This story makes me very happy.

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