Viva El Peatónito

This story combines one of the things I liked most about living in México, lucha libre, with one of the things I disliked most, traffic. The only thing worse than trying to drive in the DF was trying to walk in the DF. Crossing a street, even in an upscale Colonia like Polanco, was a nightmare.

But this may be changing. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…..Peatónito (the little pedestrian).


Here’s his homepage. You can follow him on Twitter. Heck, you can read about his exploits here.


One thought on “Viva El Peatónito

  1. I have lived in Mexico for 14 years, 6 years in Queretaro, and the rest in the little city of Zacatecas. In Queretaro, I found that that sweetest, kindest, most civil people turn into raging demons the second they get behind a wheel. They would run over their beloved grandmother if she were crossing the street in front of them and didn’t move fast enough. Imagine my joy to discover that here in Zacatecas, drivers are courteous and friendly. And every Mexican I have ever met has a horror story about DF. It is a land (city) of myth.

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