Erika breaks down Brazil for us

OU has a lot of great people working on development and we hope to have them contribute to Cherokee Gothic from time to time.  I’ve been wanting to post on the Brazilian uprising but I decided it was much better to have my excellent colleague and friend, Erika Robb Larkins, break it down for us (See the post below).

Erika is an anthropologist who specializes in Brazil.  More specifically, she studies the connections between the production of spectacular violence in Rio de Janeiro and its commodification and consumption. She is currently working on an ethnographic project about policing the favela (or slum) in preparation for the World Cup and Olympic Games, both of which are to be hosted by Rio in the coming years.

Erika just got back from taking a group of students to Rio (and she didn’t lose a one!) and will spend next year there as well.

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