Links I found interesting

1. Nationwide protests disrupt Costa Rica  “President Laura Chinchilla is one of the least popular presidents in Latin America today which some protesters believe makes her vulnerable to succumbing to public pressure and to meeting their demands.”

2. Does it take a village? “No one takes the Millennium Villages seriously as a research project — no one in development economics.” Edward Miguel

3. Sierra Leone imposes travel restriction on bank workers “All employees of the banking sector in Sierra Leone will, with immediate effect, require police clearance to travel out of the country. The new directive, which also affects employees of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) and the Sierra Leone Shipping agencies, is in connection with an ongoing investigation of a massive banking fraud which the authorities believe is aimed at emptying government coffers.”

4. Hoop Dreams in Oaxaca’s Hills “In my part of the Sierra, the basketball courts are like the zócalo in the colonial city,” Mr. Santiago said, using the Spanish word for “plaza.” “It’s really the most important part of the town. A respectable town has a church, and a basketball court in front of the church.”


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