A round up of interesting news articles

1. Mexico bets on reforms to boost wages, but no quick fix (indeed, if there was one, I think they would have already tried it)

2. Young India irony: 75% will vote but 52% support dictatorship

3.  In the Violent Favelas of Brazil (“There is a de facto sharing of power between the legitimate organs of the state and the gangs, the militias. The police cannot safely enter a large part of Rio by land or by air.”)

4.  Anarchy along Mexico’s southern border crossings (“Unmonitored goods and migrants cross the Suchiate River all day long in southern Mexico, where criminals and corrupt officials lie in wait.”)

5.  When Liberian Child Soldiers Grow Up (“This desolate stretch of land is known as Poto Corner in the local Liberian-English vernacular, meaning a place for those without use. It is situated within Monrovia’s largest slum, West Point, on a peninsula home to migrants, fishermen, crack addicts, street kids, and many Liberians who fought and were displaced by the successive and complex civil wars that ravaged the country during most of the 1990s”)

2 thoughts on “A round up of interesting news articles

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