Ms. 25%

The original Mr. 10% is/was Asif Ali Zardari, who earned the title when he was Benazir Bhutto’s husband. He’s now President of Pakistan. I am still not sure how he beat Tommy Suharto or Raul Salinas to win this coveted title.

Anyway, we can now break a glass ceiling and crown a Ms. 10% 25%, in the person of Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angola’s President for life, Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Isabel started in 1999 with a 24.5% stake in a newly formed diamond firm, and soon added a 25% position in the country’s first “private” mobile phone company. Toss in a bank, an oil company and the country’s only cement company, invest the dividends in European firms and viola:

Africa’s only female billionaire.


Perhaps the most striking line in the linked piece is this:  “Angola’s 2010 constitution bars the president from stealing public money”.

It’s remarkable both that a constitution would actually have a specific prohibition of executive thievery and for the implication that before 2010 stealing public money was permissible.

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