Are Women Less Corrupt?

NPR reports that Mexico state has turned to women to try to solve its age-old problem of traffic cop corruption.  According to Police Chief Carlos Ortega Carpinteyro, the idea is that women are “much better suited for traffic duty than men because people respect them more.”  I’m not so sure about that claim, but he goes on to explain that  “when a man is approached by a female cop, even though he is the stronger sex, he calms down and will listen to her.”

This has not always been the case in Lima, which undertook a similar program years ago to battle corruption.  According to one associated press article on the Lima experiment, “80% of the 405 incidents reported in the past two years have involved one of the capital’s 1,031 female police, meaning roughly a third of them have been cursed, shoved, punched, dragged, run over or taken hostage by angry men. Cabbies and bus drivers are the worst offenders.”  Apparently, Mexico City tried this approach and scrapped it because of problems.

So how is the new program in Mexico working so far.  Well, there has been some obstacles.  According to the same police chief, the principle “challenge is finding a woman that portrays a good image. “We get too many short and fat ones. We need tall women that render respect when out in the streets.”  Ah, Mexico, a place still untouched by political correctness.

What do others have to say?  Well, the state government won’t allow these new female traffic cops to actually issue tickets until the local units have enacted all of the anti-corruption safeguards that are supposed to be in place.  The article depressingly notes that “To date none of the agencies have done so, a state official says. The official wryly says it’s really hard for police officers to give up their old ways.”

Here is a photo of some of the new recruits with their bright orange uniforms.  The article notes that “most have matching orange eye shadow and lipstick on, too.” !!


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