“If this is our future, we don’t want it”

A student in my Mexico class came across this video and I decided to share it because I thought it was powerful and well done.  The video is short (~4 minutes) and is acted completely by kids.  In it, they show the myriad problems plaguing Mexican society today.  At the end, they say that if their future will be like the one portrayed in the video, they don’t want it.  I cannot explain exactly why, but having the kids act out the problems gave me goose bumps.  It is in Spanish but you don’t need to speak it to understand the message.

2 thoughts on ““If this is our future, we don’t want it”

  1. I’ve heard my share of horror stories from Mexicans living in the U.S. about this. They couldn’t trust the police or the army any more than they could the gangsters, so they left for a better life here. It would be a legitimate foreign policy goal of the USA to do what we can to alleviate this problem. The most obvious thing would be to eliminate all laws making drugs illegal. But that would just be a start.

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