Colonialism Visualized

One of the first papers that I published came from my dissertation.  It was on colonialism and economic growth.  It surprises me how many researchers I get writing me desperately requesting my data on the identity of colonial powers and dates of independence in Africa.  It’s surprising because it is pretty easy to find online.  But I just came across an awesome map of Africa which illustrates this data better (or at least more attractively) than an Excel file.  I think I will just send this as a reply next time someone writes: (click the map for a better view)


h/t Amazing_Maps

2 thoughts on “Colonialism Visualized

  1. Nice map, though I’m not sure why Germany is listed for Namibia (it was administered by South Africa). Or was there some legality which left Namibia technically a German colony from 1919 to 1990?

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