An NGO that “does nothing”

The blog “Africa is a country” has a good interview with Hussein Kurji, the creator of a Kenyan mockumentary of aid NGOs. The show is called Samaritans and it chronicles the daily travails of working at an NGO called Aid for Aid.  Like Seinfeld was a “show about nothing,” this NGO is an organization that “does nothing.”

Here’s Kurji talking about one of the stories of Season 1 that sounds particularly funny: “The major story arc of Season 1 is that Aid for Aid is about to apply for the largest grant that the Nairobi field office has ever applied for. In Episode 2, their first task is to come up with an acronym before figuring out what the grant’s about.”

My favorite part of the interview though was when the blog asked him for the craziest story he’s heard about an NGO.

He replies: “I heard from someone in the US that an organization was having a charity auction to raise money for endangered rhinos and the prize for this charity auction was to go hunt a rhino in Namibia.”

I don’t know how I missed this unbelievable story, but the blog assures readers that this did indeed happen, linking to the Colbert Report and CNN.

Another case of truth being stranger than fiction, or the real world sounding a lot like the Onion.

One thought on “An NGO that “does nothing”

  1. It’s not so crazy. Hunters want the animals they hunt to not go extinct, so they are very interested in preservation (e.g. “Ducks Unlimited”). They are also aware that some rhinos are more important to that effort than others, and the net effect can be positive for all rhinos even if one rhino is killed. Real preservation may require culling to fit the carrying capacity — see the moose lottery in NH for an example.

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