How many refugees does your state accept?

Last month, Casey Cupp, a talented young graphic designer working on his GIS skills, created some tremendous maps of per-capita migration flows for CG. I just heard from Casey again with a new map he’s put together:  this one is of yearly refugees accepted per million residents from 2009-2012.

This map is also excellent (please click the picture to better appreciate its excellency!)


I expressed surprise at how many refugees end up in the Dakotas (at least on a per-capita basis) and Casey wrote back with some interesting thoughts on the map:
“It is almost like the lack of a pattern is what is fascinating.. Montana and Idaho stink but are surrounded by rock stars.
There is definitely more variance in the smaller population states as would be expected somewhat… but not to that extreme.  Of the medium to larger states, AZ, WA, GA, and MI are stand outs, probably even TX.”

Here’s Casey’s twitter address if you’d like to commission him to make you a cool map:

4 thoughts on “How many refugees does your state accept?

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  2. The immigrants know how to pick them, Wyoming, Arkansas, W. Virginia, zero. But based on the size and numbers of surrounding states, shouldn’t these three states be vanishingly small?

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