Eco-bici inspires terror

I came across an article this morning called “Mexico City “Eco-Bici” Inspires Alternate Transportation.”  Following the example of NYC, Mexico City has started a bike rental program, where people can rent bicycles via a mobile app for 400 pesos a year.  There are obvious benefits of such a program (less pollution, more options for transportation, etc) and Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, is traveling to MC to learn more and consider implementation of something similar in LA.

I would be terrified of biking in the traffic in NYC, but I would be even more terrified of doing so in MC.  The article doesn’t mention the downsides of such a program, but having lived and driven in the city for a couple of years, I fear for the lives of those brave cyclists.  Between the pollution, the lack of respect for traffic laws, and the homicidal pesero drivers (as well as regular drivers too), Dios mio!


One thought on “Eco-bici inspires terror

  1. Actually the program in Mexico City began before the one in New York City and has been quite successful. It has been coupled with exclusive bike lanes and there hasn’t been reports of an increase in accidents.

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