Immigrating, it’s harder than you think

or at least harder than these yahoos think.

7 members of Italy’s anti-immigration party the Northern League tried to demonstrate how easy it is for illegal immigrants to cross from Tunisia to Italy.  It apparently wasn’t so easy for these fearless sailors though.  They set out on a “rubber dinghy,” proudly flying the party flag, until the engine caught fire and they needed to seek help.

The best part though is when they launched a distress signal backwards, shooting a hole into the boat and dumping them all into the ocean.  Hard to script a better ending than that.

According to HuffPo, “The seven have been roundly mocked in Italian and Maltese media. According to one Maltese paper, “they actually proved that it is easy for sea trips of this sort to end in tragedy – and in Malta, where neither they nor asylum seekers want to land.”

update: the Northern League says they have never heard of said yahoos and disavows involvement, but of course they would say that after such a debacle, so who knows…

h/t Justin Sandefur

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