Kidnapping in Mexico: no longer just for the rich and famous

Business Insider has an article called “Even The 99 Percent Get Kidnapped In Mexico.”  Apparently, the kidnapping trend has reached the middle class.  Here are some of the depressing details:

1.”Shopkeepers and family physicians, carpenters and taxi drivers: All have been targeted in recent years as minions of young criminals enter a trade long run by guerrillas and gangland bosses.

2. Ransom demands here in Morelos, a small state just south of the capital Mexico City that by some counts tops the nation in kidnappings, have ranged from $13,000 to as low as $250, according to the state police. 

3. Analysts say as few as 1 in 5 abductions are ever reported, in part because victims’ families fear police agents are involved with the gangs.

4. Investigations and ransom negotiations frequently become complicated because victims are targeted by family members and acquaintances. Victims in such cases often are killed because they can identify their captors.”

The governor of Morelos, Señor Ramirez, made an interesting political choice when deciding to answer critics who say that he has “failed miserably, either from stupidity of complicity.”  He notes that he inherited the kidnapping problem from previous administrations.  Ok, I can see that argument, although he did take over 18 months ago on a campaign to target lawlessness, specifically kidnapping.  Sadly for him, he goes on to argue that there is an “outsize public “psychosis” about “kidnapping, kidnapping, kidnapping, kidnapping.”  Hmm, I’m not a public relations expert, but I doubt that will quiet the critics.


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