Infrastructure Fail, Haitian edition

@RAMhaiti has posted some incredibly sad photos of Port-au-Prince after a big rain.  Here are some of the pics along with his poignant/outraged comments about them.

Wait! This is a marketplace where people sell food????



Laurent has set up a commission to figure out why #Haiti has cholera and mosquito born illnesses



People living & working in these parts of town arent considered “people” by Michel/Laurent except during elections



When it rains in Haiti this is what happens. Infrastructure sabotage


It’s no wonder that news reports have recently been warning that “Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Virus Spreads Rapidly In Haiti“.  I didn’t expect the flood of international aid after the earthquake to miraculously transform Haitian infrastructure, but I didn’t expect that rain could still cause such dire circumstances.  There is a long way to go still…

h/t @alextunzelmann

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