“Growth in GDP is disgusting and unacceptable”

While it’s always refreshing (and rare) to hear a straight talking government official, I’m wondering if Liberia’s Finance Minister, Mr. Amara Konneh, took it a step too far.  Maybe being named Finance Minister of the Year 2014 by The Banker magazine has gone to his head. I’m curious how long he will continue to be minister with words like these about the state of the economy:

“Liberia is doomed, and there is no sign of huge growth, because the economy cannot sustain the growth of country.

The economy lacks the potential frameworks to support the national budget.

Minister Konneh said owing to the poor economic outlook, growth in GDP is disgusting and unacceptable. He noted that Liberia runs a 12-hour economy as a result of the decimal growth in revenue, the economic growth and national development that would lift Liberians from the dungeon of destitution remains bleak.” [Note: 12 hour economy? decimal growth? whatever those are, it doesn’t sound good]

So, Minister Konneh, tell us what you really think….


h/t @JustinSandefur

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