Economies of Scope, Indian edition

Krishan Kutti Nair used to sell tea to passersby outside a cemetery in Ahmedabad.  When business got increasingly brisk, he decided to take advantage of economies of scope by building a brick and mortar restaurant named New Lucky in the same location.  But what about all the dead bodies, you ask?

Mr. Kutti Nair, determined to turn what might be considered a “bug” to many into a feature instead, made the gravestones part of the restaurant.  Now people “have to shimmy by corpses to reach their tables” and it doesn’t seem to have hurt business any.  This article notes that “patrons don’t seem to be phased by the strange setup, in fact, many people flock to New Lucky not just for the food, but simply for the novelty of eating in an enclosed graveyard.”

As you might imagine, the photos that accompany the article are the best part.



h/t to the always great @stevesilberman


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