Politicians pretending to be cool; let the lol begin

They call soccer the beautiful game, but after seeing this story I have my doubts. The New Republic has a series of photographs called “World Leaders Interacting Awkwardly with Soccer Balls.”  It’s worth checking out in full, but here are a few of my favorites along with the TNR’s hilarious captions:

U.S. President George Bush (R) kicks a soccer ball

George Bush, slide-tackling himself (my caption: who wears short shorts?)

Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush pla

George W. Bush brought the wrong boots (Kevin’s caption: Someone needs their diapie changed?)

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, who is paid $11,100 per corner kick (Our caption: you just know this was taken at a Catholic girls’ school)



2 thoughts on “Politicians pretending to be cool; let the lol begin

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