Whack a mole?

Reuters posted an article called “Frustrated U.S. lawmakers urge tough action on child migration” which caused me several WTF moments.  By the end of it, I had a different adjective in mind besides “frustrated.”  Here are some low-lights:

1. Michigan Republican Representative Candice Miller suggested cutting off aid and repealing free trade agreements with Mexico and the Central American countries involved. “We need to whack them, our neighbors, to understand that they are just not going to keep taking our money and we are just going to be sitting here like this – we’re not the ATM machine,” she said.

Whack?  really?  is that the word you wanted to use Candice?

2. Alabama Republican Mike Rogers scoffed after Johnson said he had discussed the issue with Guatemalan authorities. “I think what you need to do is ask the Guatemalan government where they want these kids dropped off when the buses bring them back down there,” Rogers said.

It’s sad when the Homeland Security Secretary is the big softie in the room.  Jeh Johnson (not a typo!) argued:

“We are talking about large numbers of children, without their parents, who have arrived at our border – hungry, thirsty, exhausted, scared and vulnerable. How we treat the children, in particular, is a reflection of our laws and our values.”


2 thoughts on “Whack a mole?

  1. I am a regular reader if your site and a fan of the stories you have that I don’t find else where so my aplogies that my first comment is a criticism. I have been anxiously awaiting your thoughts on what is happening with the children coming over. I got to say that felt what you posted felt like a cop out. Of course we should help them but something bigger appears to be going on. What initiated this activity? How loosely or tightly is it organized? What do these kids families actually think is happening? Why do they think what they do? This is potentially huge story coming out of Mexico and Central America that is making headlines with no real information and the opening comment you have on it is a quote form some dope in Michigan?

  2. Hi Joe, thanks for your comment. I plan to learn a lot more about what is going on and post on this in the future. Since I don’t know much right now, I decided not to just post a bunch of uninformed commentary and pass it off as some kind of “expert opinion.” The bottom line is that I need to do a lot more research to understand the situation better. I do think that rhetoric matters though and while it is a dope from Michigan, it is still somehow an elected dope. I find it sad that a lot of the immigration talk is so harsh, seemingly forgetting that these are real people with real lives at stake. While you think it’s a cop out to blog about this, I think there’s value in pointing to the inanity of the public discussion on immigration.

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