Oil and Water DO mix

Great post over at the Monkey Cage by our ex-colleague and friend Ariel Ahram.

ISIS has gained control over major oil supplies in Iraq and major water infrastructure in Syria and Iraq and is working to build an actual, profitable, functioning “state”.

As Ariel puts it, Oil and water, unlike diamonds or drugs, contribute to the coherence to the Islamic State and the discipline of its governance.”

It’s not just about punishing the infidels.

In fact, the only thing standing between ISIS and the largest Iraqi oil field is the Kurdish army!

Why do I get the feeling that Iraq as we knew it is toast?




2 thoughts on “Oil and Water DO mix

  1. Most of the Iraqi oil production is from the south, the area around Basra. This area has a very large Shite population. The reserves may be in Kurd/IS areas, but that is not production. To fight and die in a war takes a bit of an irrational person, so one should not be surprised that it is the extreme nut cases that have proved to be the best army. Unless your guys will stand and fight, your guys will lose ( i,.e., Italian troops in WW2). Arabs are really not know to be great/good/brave warriors (when is last time Arab army won a war against non Arab country?).
    IS gets its troops to actually fight by extreme discipline and god. That is better than the other Arabs, but not very good. I guess the point is IS has some worthless desert in Iraqi, and is really a paper tiger.

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