Andean food culture: Peruvian edition

160 day dry aged wagyu beef served in the back of a butcher shop and eaten with your hands?

In Lima, Peru?



Yes please!

Great article on Renzo Garibaldi, “the meat prophet”.

Tyler recently waxed eloquent on Bolivian food culture, but to me it’s a bit wider than that. I’d call it Andean food culture, and it’s very strong in Peru.

You can easily get like 10 different kinds of potatoes, the corn is simply amazing (see what I did there?), and now BEEF!

Me and Mrs. Angus have long been plotting another trip to Peru, and Mr. Garibaldi’s exploits have moved it up the queue at least a few places.


2 thoughts on “Andean food culture: Peruvian edition

  1. I just came back from Peru (second time). If you haven’t gone, I highly recommend the tour of Lake Titicaca where you spend a night on an island in the lake and visit the reed islands. Also, fly out of Juliaca so you can experience a truly dysfunctional airport.

  2. Hi Warren: we’ve been once to Lima, Cusco, the Urubamba Valley, Machu Picchu, and then up the Amazon. Want to do the coast and the South next time.

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