Where the pigs live

Fast Co. has a cool article up about where livestock live around the world, coupled with some very cool maps.

Here are some of my favorite tidbits from the piece:

“China has 750 million pigs, seven times the U.S. population.”  Not only that, but they mostly live on the East coast. Here’s a map of their distribution.



“Most U.S. chickens live in the south”



The maps, which were created by the International Livestock Research Institute, in Kenya, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, calculates livestock down to the square kilometer, which seems incredible.  Of course there are bigger reasons for mapping livestock than just finding out where US chickens live.  Tim Robinson, of the ILRI, notes that maps like this allow governments to react more quickly and efficiently to livestock-related viruses:

“The obvious use for such maps in the immediate future is to help target surveillance to areas most at risk, which could provide advance warning should the virus spread and allow authorities to move quickly to contain it.”

Click here to read more about the project and check out many more cool maps.



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