Sittin’ on top of the PRI

Man oh man, Mexico has not changed much in the 15 years since me and Mrs. Angus lived there. The PRI is back in power and the PRI is still the PRI.

Pretty-boy EPN’s telecom reforms went through way too easily for there not to have been a deal with Slim Shady, and indeed, we can see that deal starting to take shape in the amorphous form of a huge infrastructure boondoggle, namely a multi-billion dollar airport project.

As we noted last week, Slim’s yerno won the design contract, and now word comes that Slim will be bidding on the construction contract as well.

“Slim’s interest in the project was addressed on Tuesday by Luís Zarate, the President of Mexico’s Chamber of the Construction Industry. Zarate said that nine Mexican construction firms, including Grupo Ica, a private Mexican infrastructure construction company, and Grupo Carso, a global conglomerate company owned by Slim, have formed a committee to bid for the airport, according to Reuters.”

This is classic Mexican style “competition”. Get all interested parties in a room, divide up the spoils, and present a single bid. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The airport design sounds interesting to say the least. Here’s Sir Norman Foster describing it:

“It doesn’t have a conventional roof. It doesn’t have vertical walls. It doesn’t have columns in the normal sense.”

No roof? Crooked walls? “unconventional” columns? Hell, maybe I should bid!

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