Que Pedazo!

People, the Cuban economic liberalization is really starting to bear fruit. Big news from Havana of two new men’s fragrances for the export market: Hugo and Ernesto!


As always, I am not making this up.


En una convención en La Habana, la empresa cubana Labiofam, que produce medicinas homeopáticas y productos de limpieza, ha lanzado dos nuevas aguas de colonia para hombres: ‘Hugo’, por el difunto líder de la revolución bolivariana en Venezuela, y ‘Ernesto’ en homenaje al Comandante de la revolución cubana, Ernesto Guevara.

“Estos nombres salieron de una encuesta que se realizó en una exposición donde llevamos las fragancias con vistas a que el público decidiera como podían ligarlo a nombres de personalidades internacionales” explica a BBC Mundo Mario Valdés, director del grupo de investigación y desarrollo en Labiofam que diseñó los perfumes.


OK, so it seems that Labiofam, a maker of cleaning products, has relabeled and rebottled some of their product for the export market.

And the names were picked by polling the publics’ preferences on international personalities.

Either the control of the media by the Cuban government is stunningly good, or maybe that poll wasn’t so, shall we say, open?

If Seventh Generation polled Americans, could you see them coming up with Warren Harding and Bartolomeo Vanzetti as the winners?

No word yet what the estates of Hugo Chavez, Che Guevara, or Hugo Boss plan to do about this. But I do expect that Knuckles Maduro will order a case or two.



One thought on “Que Pedazo!

  1. “Knuckles Maduro” is way too cool of a name for him. I prefer to keep calling him “Not-Hugo-Chavez”, since he so desperately wants people to treat him like Chavez.

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