Markets in Everything, Developing Country Edition

1.  This woman is so earnest & excited about her work that it feels mean to even criticize it.  In her blog post, she says that she “fell in love with everything that represented traditional Mexicana”  and has decided to decorate her son’s room in such a style.  I’ll just say that she and I have very different opinions about what represents traditional Mexican folk art. Here’s one of her examples:
2.  For the person in your life that has everything, here’s a Christmas idea:  a religious Barbie or Ken doll.  They probably won’t be cheap, because they are currently part of an art exhibit called “Barbie, The Plastic Religion.”  Here’s one of my favorites of Barbie made up as the Virgin de Guadalupe.
barbie_virgen de guadalupe
3. “Who wants to be President?” board game launched in Nigeria.  Here is a fun description:“The players go through all the processes aspiring political leaders go through with the ultimate aim of winning “elections.” The steps include seeking party nominations, campaigning in the 36 states of Nigeria, cajoling for votes, negotiating for the best deals, strategizing, spying on opponents, disrupting the plans of the opposition, countering their moves and so on.

The game ends when one of the players presents the card calling for “Instant Elections” or one of the players reaches the end. Only players who have won votes in 21 states would be eligible to have his “votes” counted. The player with the most “votes” win and is declared president.”

One thought on “Markets in Everything, Developing Country Edition

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