There’s an app for that!

Newsweek just published an article called “Fighting Corruption One App at a Time in Latin America” and it was one of the most heartening I’ve read in a while.  Corruption thrives when there is no transparency, when the people are uninformed of what is going on and must rely on rumors instead of facts.  These new cool apps hope to bring some of these practices into the light.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1. “Balentin Cacha Espiritu is a convicted terrorist. Herline Pitman Quispe Ramos was found guilty of manslaughter. Florentino Lope Ruiz was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape. Those seemingly random acts of violence are interesting this month for one reason: All three men are running for public office in Peru, and their criminal histories would have been kept essentially in the dark were it not for a mobile app recently launched by Peru’s High Level Anti-Corruption Commission.”

2. “In Bolivia, a civil organization launched an app called Fictitious Budget, where volunteers who attend campaign events can upload estimates on how much they cost. They input the number of people attending (the app recommends dividing the space into quadrants, then estimating the number of attendees in each), the names of any musical groups performing, the type of propaganda and souvenirs handed out, and whether food was provided.”

3. “What about holding officials accountable after elections? A group of students from MIT has been working on an app to do just that in Brazil. Called Promise Tracker, it collects data of projects which candidates made during election. The group first had to define what counted as a promise, what counted as progress and who should be held accountable — difficult questions to answer even when there is full transparency in government.”

One thought on “There’s an app for that!

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