Badges? You don’t get no pinche badges!

Robin and I honeymooned on Margarita Island (and Caracas). Now 19 years later the island is back in the news hosting an international climate conference.

According to the WSJ, it’s being run with typical Bolivarian efficiency,

“When we say 9 a.m., we usually mean 9 a.m.,” said one Saudi delegate, stunned—at around 11 a.m.—as he waited for the conference proceedings to open on Tuesday. He had just spent an hour looking for an English translator who could help him get ID tags printed for his country’s delegation.

He wasn’t comforted when an attendant told him that his oil minister Ali al-Naimi, probably the single most powerful figure in global oil markets, would need to get in the queue and receive his name tag in person.

But the conference itself sounded fantastic as participants,

were treated to periodic presentations by mid-level Venezuelan government officials discussing the virtues of socialism and the evils of capitalism, not to mention its effect on the environment.

“Venezuela’s position on climate change is that the capitalist system is unsustainable for the life of the planet,” Mr. Ramirez told delegates this week.

Ummm, doesn’t Venezuela screw mightily with the climate by only charging something on the order of $0.03 (that’s right, 3 cents) per gallon of gasoline sold in the country?

Let me end with this awesome photo of Venezuelan oil minister Ramirez on the left posing with the Saudi oil minister on the right:


It’s kind of a Manute / Muggsy situation, innit?

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