When you’re in a hole, you best stop digging..

Barack Obama, Pena Nieto, Ed Fast

My goodness, who in the world is advising EPN these days? First he says nothing about the disappearance of 43 students in Guerrero, seemingly believing that this would be one more massacre that would be swept under the rug.  Then, after it becomes clear that this might be a true watershed moment in Mexico (and people are actively calling for his resignation), he heads to China.  And what does he do in China?  He gets photographed digging a hole with a shovel.  I know all the leaders were supposed to take part in this diplomatic inanity, but really, a shovel?  When one mass grave after another is uncovered in Mexico?

Does the photo make you think he is digging his own grave?  or perhaps uncovering another mass grave?  or trying to hide another?  Either way it’s really no good on the PR front.  This is starting to remind me of Carlos Salinas rise and fall.  Darling of the international press and Wall Street (not so much at home), enacting huge economic reforms that many thought impossible, followed by a giant slide into ignominy.  Maybe there is an extra room in Salinas’ house in Ireland to help a fellow Priista in trouble…

2 thoughts on “When you’re in a hole, you best stop digging..

  1. What EPN really needs now is a big helping hand from Salinas. But not Carlos.

    He needs the man who made the cartels and the army and the federales cooperate and stay out of each others’ way and collected $90MM in fees for the service all behind the scenes and while keeping Mexico safe and violence to a bare minimum. Yes, what Mexico needs is Raúl Salinas.

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