6 degrees of Hugo

A recent article in Reuters talks about a new college course offered in Venezuela called “Studies of the Thoughts of the Supreme Commander Hugo Chavez.”  It was created by the military and so far more than 10,000 students have enrolled.  There are so many howlers in the article (even the name of the class is awesome) that I decided to just list my favorites:

1. “Students rise to their feet as a uniformed Venezuelan brigadier-general enters a large classroom at a Caracas military institute and proclaims: ‘Chavez lives!’ In unison, they reply: ‘The fight goes on!'”  Of course they do!  This seems appropriate for a college class.

2. “The course, which can form part of a degree or post-graduate studies, traces Chavez’s philosophical roots.”  And this is part of a degree or post-graduate studies?  Check out the incredible rigor of the course provided by this description: “The class analyzes Chavez’s boyhood in a rural shack, his love of baseball, his years in the military and failed coup attempt, the election victory that brought him to power, and the 1999-2013 presidency” 

or this (unintentionally hysterical) description by this student:Victor Flores, a military colonel, said he specially enjoyed learning personal anecdotes he had not heard before – about Chavez’s grandmother Rosa Ines, and another distant relative and revolutionary known as Maisanta.”

3. “‘At all times, he [Chavez] sought to imitate Christ in his actions,'” said Nerio Galban, secretary of the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela where the course originated. Galban likened the Biblical story of Jesus feeding the five thousand to Chavez’s subsidized food programs. He compared Jesus’ healing of the sick to the “Miracle Mission” set up in 2004.”  Kevin says at this point Hugo has only miracle left in his bag! 

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