Mexico City’s government gives a squat

Good lord. Mexico city has decided to fight obesity by giving people a 5 peso metro token for doing 10 squats. Really.

No, really.

They have installed 30 squat monitoring machines some of the stations. Did I mention that 4,000,000 people ride the subway in the D.F. every day? And that the stations can tend to get a bit crowded?


People, would 10 squats a day really to anything with weight control? In Russia, the price of a free ticket is 30 squats in under two minutes.

The D.F. government is also giving away 80,000 pedometers. Again, there are 4,000,000 riders every day.

As always, it is so gratifying to me to see a government finding simple, effective solutions to seemingly complex problems.

6 thoughts on “Mexico City’s government gives a squat

  1. Diez le vale, cinco le cuestaaaa.

    That photo looks just like the Metro platform conditions I’m used to, except the real ones don’t have guard rails. Looks like maybe a gold line station, could be Zapata or Ermita?

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