Scientific Socialism, or the cult of Pooty-poot

Thanks to The Guardian, which has a tremendous slideshow up this morning on Putin’s teenage fan club.  The photos are the best part but some of the comments are hysterical too.  Here are some of my favorites:

“I like how Putin treats his children and wife, I think he’s a great husband.”  Didn’t Putin cheat on his wife for years with an Olympic gymnast and then recently divorce her?  Here is the fangirl in question:  (she seems like a well-balanced teenager)


“Putin is my hero, he inspires me, adds science to my actions.”  Hmm, science to her actions?  Scientific socialism?  Scientific kleptocracy?  Scientific imperial aggression?  Here’s our budding scientist in a t-shirt with Putin’s face in the moon.  wow!


Vika says “Putin is like God to me. I perceive him as daddy. He is a perfect man – politician, sportsman, family man. I want my husband to be like him!”  Another well-balanced individual. She wants a husband that cheats on her and then leaves her for a much younger, athletic type?  Maybe she should check out this guy:


3 thoughts on “Scientific Socialism, or the cult of Pooty-poot

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