Bad Idea file: Speaking truth to power in the Philippines

Manny Paqiao is many things. Boxer, crooner, member of the national legislature. But did you know that Manny is also a 5′ 6″ tall professional basketball player?

Well he is and you better STFU about it too, as Oklahoma’s own Daniel Orton recently found out.

Daniel is a 6′ 10″ professional basketball player who once played for the OKC Thunder and was playing in the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association), when his team (the Purefoot Hotshots!) played Manny’s team.

Afterward Orton said, “Professional boxer, yeah, okay… professional basketball player, no. It’s a joke,”

And that was it. He was first fined around $5000 and then fired from his job and banned from the league.

“Everyone is angry at him… it is like he went to the United States and insulted the name of Martin Luther King,” said Rene Pardo, the top administrator for the Purefood Hotshots.

But people, Manny Paqiao IS a terrible basketball player, and I’ll go way out on a limb and say that, for all his accomplishments, MLK would have been a terrible professional basketball player too!

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