“So we finish 18, and he was gonna stiff me!”

Bill Murray sure could have told China a thing or two about the perfidiousness of the Dalai Lama.

Lama 14 epically trolled China last week by threatening not to be reincarnated when he dies.

This threw a Lama-sized monkey wrench into China’s plans to control the new-Lama-seeking machinery and install a 15th Lama who might be more amenable to their Tibet policy.

Like an earnest internet rookie, China rose to the Lama’s trolling by saying 14 had (a) no right not to reincarnate, (b) no control over whether he reincarnates or not, and (c) was a heretic and traitor to true Buddhism.

I just love how Lama 14 has managed to again reveal to the world that the Chinese government is totally nuts. If there is a Lama 15, he/she will have big sandals to fill.

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