Venezuela: not for the faint of butt!

A little over 20 years ago, Robin and I went on our honeymoon.

To Venezuela.


At one point we ended up staying in the Caracas Hilton. It was not a fun experience. Ordered room service never arrived. It didn’t smell very good in the hallways, Neer-do-wells inhabited the bar. At one point, I called the front desk to enquire if they were really a part of the Hilton chain or had just appropriated the logo.

But I will say this in its favor: THERE WAS PLENTY OF TOILET PAPER AND SOAP!

Sadly, this no longer appears to be true in some Venezuelan hotels.

“It’s an extreme situation,” says Xinia Camacho, owner of a 20-room boutique hotel in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada national park. “For over a year we haven’t had toilet paper, soap, any kind of milk, coffee or sugar. So we have to tell our guests to come prepared.”

But then again, there’s this:

“In the black market you have to pay 110 bolivares [$0.50] for a roll of toilet paper that usually costs 17 bolivares [$ 0.08] in the supermarket,” Camacho told Fusion. “We don’t want to participate in the corruption of the black market, and I don’t have four hours a day to line up for toilet paper” at a supermarket.

As a result, Camacho said she’s been asking her guests to bring their own toilet paper since December.

So if Ms. Camacho can’t get her government subsidized toilet paper conveniently, she will eschew paying the market price (fifty cents!!!!!) and leave her customers high but possibly not dry.

Now that does sound like the Caracas Hilton of 1994.

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