OU Economics Development Group Update

I don’t know about all professors, but unplaced grad students of mine weigh heavily on me until they get jobs. This year our group, Me, Robin, Dan Hicks and Moussa Blimpo, had 3 students on the market. The last one placed today, and I feel about 2 inches taller.

Alex Ufier is going to the FDIC (weird placement for a development student, eh?)
Ross Hallren is going to the US ITC
and Souleymane Soumahoro is taking an IDRC post-doc at the Center for Global Development in DC as well.

Two of these students also had academic options but chose the policy world instead.

So, thanks to all schools and organizations that interviewed and considered our students, especially to the three organizations above that hired them. I don’t think you will be disappointed!

And thanks to Robin, Dan and Moussa for being such great colleagues and examples to our grad students. We are really going to miss Moussa starting next year when he joins the Evil Empire!

One thought on “OU Economics Development Group Update

  1. We are feeling the pain with falling oil prices in this part of the world…Angola.

    We had a great run of strong economic growth from 2002 to 2009 but we did very little to diversify our economy so we’re basically ruled by oil.

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