Liars Poker: Mexican Education Reform Edition

Wow. This is a weird story. EPN and the PRI have actually outfoxed the great majority of the unionized teachers in Mexico.  One of his major initiatives for education reform was teacher evaluations (by way of written tests) that would form a basis for getting rid of “bad” teachers. The teachers union CNTE was dead set against this and vowing to fight/protest/disrupt the recent national elections.

So the PRI suspended the testing process in the lead up to the elections, only to reinstate it the week after the elections occurred without significant disruptions.

OK, well played, EPN, right? The CNTE shoulda known better, they’d spent decades in the PRI camp and had to know what EPN’s word was worth.

Not so fast.

This week, the government announced that teacher testing was re-suspended in Oaxaca and MIchoacan, two states with fairly radicalized branches of CNTE. Here’s Robin on the state of the Oaxacan teacher’s union.

I wonder what happens now? Will the Government just write off Oaxaca and use the test to bludgeon teachers in the other 30 states? Will the “radicals” end up bringing down the whole process?

However it turns out, I still marvel that the Mexican people have put the PRI back in power and kept them there in the recent mid-terms.

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