The Culture that is Japan: #Ikemen Edition

So the latest Japanese heartthrob is 18 years old, which makes sense, but he’s also around 300 pounds!

Did I mention he’s a gorilla?


Apparently he’s got quite the “come hither” look that is getting his mojo working with Japanese women.

In case you were wondering WWWZS:

“I wish the ape a lot of success
I’m sorry my apartment’s a mess
Most of all I’m sorry if I made you blue
I’m betting the gorilla will, too”

2 thoughts on “The Culture that is Japan: #Ikemen Edition

  1. C’mon, that’s not the best part of the chorus. THAT would be (as I recall): Big gorilla at the LA Zoo…snatched the glasses right off my face. Took the keys to my BMW….and left me here, to take his place.

  2. Actually, the best part is:

    They say Jesus will find you wherever you go
    But when He’ll come looking for you, they don’t know
    In the mean time, keep your profile low
    Gorilla, you’re a desperado

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