The 21st Century will not belong to Europe: Negative Flynn effects abound.

People, I had no idea this was happening! I thought the Flynn effect was ubiquitous.

But IQ scores have been falling in Europe since the turn of the century!

Here’s France. And here’s Denmark. And let’s not forget Finland! C’mon Norway, don’t be shy.

The France link says “Results are inline with 7 studies showing a Negative Flynn Effect in Europe”, but these are all I could find in 7 minutes on Google Scholar.

So maybe Southern Europe is not doomed?

I couldn’t find any studies on a negative Flynn effect in the US.

5 thoughts on “The 21st Century will not belong to Europe: Negative Flynn effects abound.

  1. Are the children being tested the descendants of the ones tested a generation ago? I read that native Europeans aren’t having children anymore.

    Probably the third world immigrant kids are doing better than their parents on IQ tests by quite a lot.

  2. Flynn himself has observed this in New Zealand.

    “Everyone knows if we only allowed short people to reproduce there would be a tendency in terms of genes for height to diminish. Intelligence is no different from other human traits,” he told the Sunday Star-Times.

    “A persistent genetic trend which lowered the genetic quality for brain physiology would have some effect eventually.”

    Statistics show women without tertiary qualifications who had reached their early 40s had produced 2.57 babies each.

    In contrast, women with a higher education were producing just 1.85 babies each.”

    Danish academic Helmuth Nyborg has argued this, combined with demographic changes will see Denmark’s scores drop.

  3. All of this perfectly fits the lead toxicity hypothesis.

    Major lead pollution increases happened mid 20th century and in the decades following the effects could be seen, such as rising violent crime rates. Major lead regulations were implemented between the 1970s and 1990s. unsurprisingly, with the same approximate two decade lag, violent crime rates began decreasing again.

    In the US there was even a pause of IQ increases for the black population, the very demographic with the highest lead toxicity rates. Going by the lead toxicity hypothesis, we should see IQ increases shifting back in gear around now and in the coming decades.

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