Froggie went a courtin’

People, Evo sure brought his A-game to woo El Papa.

He ditched the stripy jumper!

He brought an awesome present:


Yes that’s Jesus crucified on a hammer and cycle.


Here’s a great tweet about the gift:

“where the Fu*k will I put Evo’s present? Should I hang it in the living room or keep it in the toolbox?”

Then of course, Evo put his best foot forward by giving Pope Frankie a very positive description of his country:

“You have arrived in a country mutilated by its lack of access to the sea,”

Oh Evo, you had him at mutilated.

5 thoughts on “Froggie went a courtin’

  1. The eff word is misspelled twice in this post, in two different languages. The tweet needs both a ‘(sic)’ and a family friendly censoring. The censoring in English must elide the vowel: ‘fsck’ or better yet ‘f—.’

    Isn’t this supposed to be a family friendly blog?

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