Una de Sangre por una de Lluvia

Amazing video by Vice about the modern version of sacrificing to Tlaloc for a good rainy season.


Besides the rituals, the video also gives a look at life in rural southern Mexico. Calda de cabeza. A “sheriff” who only speaks in boldface lies, heavy drinking……

Hey, I wonder if this would work in California?

Meet the Joe Biden of Nepal!

People I give you the Nepalese Agricultural Development Minister, Hari Prasad Parajuli!

He is the muddy maniac mashing the unwilling lady in these photos:



I believe the mud comes from the fact that he was at a “National Rice Paddy Day” celebration. The mashing has to be that he was channeling his inner Biden.

Instead of rice, opposition lawmakers are trying to make hay out of the situation. The link claims he could face up to 6 months in jail.

While there are several people laughing in the background of the photos, it seems clear that the lady was not enjoying Mud-boy’s advances.

Hat tip to @anupkaphie.