New PR tactics, Belarus Edition

I’ve often lamented the lack of PR expertise that EPN has in Mexico (either that or he just pays them no mind).  Here are some new campaign tactics that I hadn’t thought of before, courtesy of Belarus’ President-for-life Alexander Lukashenko.  He released photos of him harvesting potatoes and melons at his official residence, apparently to show that he is a hard-working man of the people.  The produce yielded was then given to orphanages.  Here are some great pics from the show:



Note that it’s important to dress up for the photo op.  An old undershirt and boxer shorts will do just perfectly. (Note that he looks just like Stan Wawrinka winging this year’s French Open)

The article notes that this isn’t the first time Lukashenko has resorted to some odd photo ops.  Here he is with Gerard Depardieu “scything grass at the leader’s farm north of Minsk.”  Remind me not to visit him—sounds like he puts his guests to work (although it doesn’t look like Depardieu missed his calling as a farmer).


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