The need for specificity in safety laws

When Kevin and I visited Tunisia many years ago, we cracked up at the many motorbike riders with helmets balanced precariously on top of their turbans.  Apparently Tunisia had a helmet law and actually enforced it, although I don’t think balancing the helmet on the turban really gets at the spirit of the law.

Here’s another example from Iran, where the riders decided to protect the goat’s head instead of their own.

This was from a recent tweet from @_youhadonejob.  Some of my favorite comments are:

a. Meals on Wheels!

b. They are clearly protecting the brains in this outfit with a helmet.

c. Double date

Kevin further wonders what the relationship between the two goats are and why only one of them got a helmet. The second goat really got the raw end of the deal.

I personally would love to see the interaction between the two guys and the traffic cop pulling them over for not using a helmet. Would they point to the goat as evidence that they were in compliance?

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