The need for specification in safety laws, part 2

So yesterday we had the case of two geniuses and two goats on a motorbike, only one with a helmet (the lead goat, of course).  Now we have the case of India, where the government apparently needs to specify to road workers to make sure that there aren’t any dead (or live!) people in potholes before they fill them.  I would have thought this was common sense but I would have been wrong, at least in this instance.

Indian road workers accidentally buried a drunken man when they filled a large crater in the road with gravel and asphalt.  The mystery of the poor man’s fate may never have been solved except that “villagers noticed part of the man’s hand was visible in the road.”  Wow, that’s a terrifying, nightmare-inducing image.  Probably a good idea to look one more time before you dump asphalt, although it does seem almost impossible that someone would fall dead drunk into the hole in the time it took to get the machinery lined up.  What are the chances?  That poor dude had some seriously bad luck.  Or perhaps the workers never looked the first time?

Somewhat surprisingly, the workers’ negligence seems to have had real consequences in that they were arrested on the charge of homicide.

One thought on “The need for specification in safety laws, part 2

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