Cultural Appropriation: Sub-continent style

Mumbai recently hosted a Hindu Spiritual Fair.  There was an advertisement promoting women’s honor.  Who do you think was the poster girl for such a program?  Margaret Thatcher, naturally.  We at CG have only one question:  wtf?


and Hindus can look to Einstein and Mark Twain for patriotic inspiration.  Yep, that makes a lot of sense.


h/t @PragyaTiwari

One thought on “Cultural Appropriation: Sub-continent style

  1. Maybe a little weird, but not too far. These are quotes from the those people represented in those pictures about the topic listed. It’s not appropriation since they are speaking to the topic at hand as opposed to a music video with a song that has nothing to do with India. I do think that the music video was great and I don’t have an issue with the appropriation.

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