What does a politician look like?

The BBC had an interesting article yesterday on the ways in which gender inequality gets reinforced by textbooks.

UNESCO investigated the issue in developing countries and found that “sexist attitudes are ‘rife’ in school textbooks.”  Here are some examples:


This one is from a textbook in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, asking “what does a politician look like?”  (Aside from the gender issue, what a weird thing to have in a textbook anyway)


This is from a textbook in Turkey, asking kids to imagine what they would like to be when they grow up [how mad do you think Turkish officials are to be in the developing country classification?]


Geez, this one also seems bizarre, as the man laughs maniacally while counting his money.  Is that supposed to be a cue that being a businessman is a good thing?  or maybe he is what a politician is supposed to look like and that’s the message!

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