Hoisted from the Comments: Lim Kim Sam fanboy edition

Unsatisfied CG reader 7elev3n writes:

“I think your arguments relating to Singapore are biased, and frankly do not reflect well on the sanity of your blog.” 

Agreed. Full stop.

“Men who have done good deeds deserve credit where it is due, in the form that it is due. Sure, a children’s book is overkill, but having a book at all is not. Lim Kim San designed plans for housing that turned Singapore into a much more developed society.”

Again. Agreed. If there is one thing history has shown us, it’s that the private sector absolutely cannot produce housing. If it weren’t for LKS, Singaporeans would still be living in caves and under crudely fashioned lean-tos.

“Try doing that to children’s books written about Sir Isaac Newton instead. Frankly there isn’t much of a difference in essence. Sir Isaac Newton advanced science a great deal in his own way, and Lim Kim San did similarly in Singapore.”

Wow, this person is on a roll. Agreed yet again. Think of the brilliant insight of LKS, “much people, few lands, build….UP!!!!”  All Newton did was get in the way of a falling apple. Newton probably would have built like, 2000 2-story McMansions and called it a day.

So a thousand apologies and all hail to LKS, the inventor of the apartment building!!

Long may he reign.

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