“Star Spangled Scapegoat”

I just read a great op-ed by Tim Padgett called “Without The U.S. To Scapegoat, Latin America Discovers Its Inner Godzillas.” Padgett argues that President Maduro is running out of scapegoats to blame for the debacle that is currently the Venezuelan economy:

“When a U.S. president is eating ropa vieja in Havana and dancing tango in Buenos Aires, Latin American leaders can’t seem to find their handy Star-Spangled Scapegoat anywhere in their desk drawers. Instead, from the Río Grande to the Río de la Plata, Washington’s new and less imperialista engagement with Latin America has helped expose the region’s inner Godzillas.”

As for the region’s “inner Godzillas,” Padgett is referring to a recent meme about Venezuela’s electricity crisis.  Here is his description:

“A new Internet meme offers him a culprit: Godzilla! It shows the slimy monster destroying Venezuela’s power lines under a caption that reads: “Government Finds Out Who’s to Blame For Power Outages.” And in case you don’t believe this, it adds: ‘The National Guardsmen in charge of protecting power plants took this photo!'”


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