Patent-trolling the afterlife!

In Hong Kong, many small businesses sell paper replicas of popular consumer items intended to bolster living standards of departed relatives. This metaphysical arbitrage occurs by burning the paper goods near the tombs of the favored departed one.

Cars, Phones, Alcohol, Air Conditioners, Clothes, you name it.

But perhaps no longer will you be able to hook up dead grannie with some sweet Gucci swag.

That’s right people, Gucci is sending cease and desist letters to the merchants, claiming trademark infringement!

Patent-trolling the afterlife HAS to be bad karma, no?

Is real Gucci stuff so crappy that a paper replica might be confused as the real thing? Or does Gucci think the Hong Kongers will spring for a real leather bag to burn for grannie?

Look, if dead grannie needs an air conditioner, she already has enough problems. Let her wear her Gucci’s in peace!


“We Shoot! We Kill!” The PLA tries its hand at rapping

From the BBC, I learned that the People’s Liberation Army has a new high-budget, “action-packed rap recruitment video.”  Seriously! It includes memorable lyrics such as:

“Are you afraid? No! Are you afraid? No! Just need the order to kill kill kill!”

“We Shoot! We Kill! We’re Loyal to the Party!”

I’m sure it sounds catchier in Chinese.  I love how the PLA claims loyalty to the party, not the people or the nation!  Of course, the party would say “what’s the difference?”  Here’s the video and it’s well worth checking out.  I just wish I could understand all of the lyrics.