When Assad gives you lemons…..

People, take a moment to empathize with Syria’s tourism minister (TM).  He’s probably some Alawite cousin or brother in law of the Big Eye Doc (BED) and viewed the job as a money and gift machine.

Now comes the war and carnage and horror that is Syria, but the crazy-ass Eye Doc is somehow in his office checking the stats on tourists and is NOT HAPPY.

Then this happens:

BED: Hey TM, our tourist numbers are in the toilet on your watch. You are the worst TM in the history of Syria. Our country is beautiful, the food is awesome, the history exceptional. Any idiot could sell us to tourists, in fact that’s why I was OK with appointing you.  I am thinking of transferring you to a street sweeper job in Aleppo unless you really wow me with your presentation.

TM: Never fear BED, just peep my bitchin’ new video. To save money, I composed and performed the soundtrack myself.



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