Notes from a red planet

On my last couple of visits to the River Wind Casino, I’ve heard a lot of talk about Trump. And people, the talk has been overwhelmingly positive. Even folks that I know did not vote for him are impressed.

The Carrier deal? Aces.

The proposed tariff on firms who move production abroad? Even better.

Talking to Taiwan on the phone was highly rated as well.

Here are some more or less quotes:

China can kiss our ass if they don’t like it.

The president of the US can talk to whoever he wants on the phone.

Trump is our only chance for change.

35% is ok but you know what would be better? 100%!

Trump is the only one trying to help.

We are crazy to let China sent their stuff here.

I hope he makes more companies keep jobs here.

While Trump’s trade and industrial policies are horrible economics, attitudes on the red planet (aka Oklahoma) have changed from simply anti-Hillary (Benghazi!! Lock her up!!!) to very pro Trump based on his actions over the last month.

Whatever our own attitude toward the dude is, I think we should understand that, for a pretty large chunk of America, he’s winning them over.

No wonder I hear so much talk from my progressive friends about getting rid of the electoral college.

And don’t think the folks at the casino don’t have an opinion about what that is code for: allowing politics to go back to ignoring them and their interests.


One thought on “Notes from a red planet

  1. Funny, the stock market’s reaction is a bit like those on the red planet. Someone said Trump supporters take him seriously but not literally. Maybe they, like the stock market, is focused on reducing regulation and tax reform and know much of the trade talk is not to be taken literally. But let us remember that Clinton said she would ban fracking. Let see, we get 30+% of our electricity from natgas, and over 1/2 of homes are heated with natgas (and those are just residential uses), how long before that ban would have created a crisis?
    I guess my point is you are cherry picking policies. Some are clearly insane, as are some proposed by Clinton. Some should be viewed as symbolic. The stock market is betting those that are insane are not to be taken literally and those that find there way into actual policy are going to increase GDP growth.

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